IGOT Media Review 2

Happy New Year! 

In this review we are sharing with you some first cut assemblies of seven moments in the show as well as story boarded still comps for our motion graphic takeover songs. 


We're looking for feedback on this review by EOD Friday 1/8 to keep on the tight schedule. 


1- I Got the Music

2- Gypsies

3- In His Kiss

4- Turn Back Time

5- Caroline

6- All Night Long

7- Dancing

Motion Graphics Story Boards

I'm Every Woman


thank you!

I Got the Music Media Review 1

Hi Team, 

We are excited to share with you the early development work we have been doing on I got the Music. In this review we will be sharing with you preliminary set designs and their evolutions. In part 2 of the review you will see some first pass lighting fixture placement and possible color motifs. Part 3 of the review consists of  still comps illustrating the direction of motion graphics that will be added to the set virtual media walls as well as the full motion graphic takeovers. 

We should all plan on talking this over by December 23rd at the latest to keep us on track. 

Virtual Set Design

The following photos are grey models that show the evolutions our set will move through over the course of the show keeping the energy and dynamics exciting. For reference the foreground grey element is the actual set. 

Set 1A

Set 1B

Set 1C

Set 2

Virtual Lighting

Below are rough comps showing integrated virtual lighting 

All Night Look 2

Caroline Look 3

Gypsies Look 2

Intro Look 3

Motion Graphic Artwork

Below are still comps of motion artwork that will be wrapped on the virtual video surfaces as well as used in the full screen takeover moments. 

thank you!