BAYOU Review-3 4/24/15

This is the 3rd and final review before our insulation and programming.

This review consists of:

  • Mardi Gras Parade (Full Render)
  • New Confetti 
  • Preservation Hall

With approval of this review we will begin final renders of full resolution assets for onboard programming.  We would like to collect all notes by Wednesday 4/29 so we can start final assembly by Friday 5/1. 

ACT 3 - MARDI GRAS PARADE - full render

We’ve put inset the performance video so you can see how the camera move lines up with the beginning of the parade scene.  This has no falling confetti, that will be a separate layer we can time and manipulate on the ship.


Two types, FALLING (speed up from the last version) from above, and BURSTING from the side, which we can use separately or together at any point.


The light movement and flicker can be dialed back, but we left it strong here so you could see that the image has a bit of life.

thank you!