BAYOU Review-3 4/24/15

This is the 3rd and final review before our insulation and programming.

This review consists of:

  • Mardi Gras Parade (Full Render)
  • New Confetti 
  • Preservation Hall

With approval of this review we will begin final renders of full resolution assets for onboard programming.  We would like to collect all notes by Wednesday 4/29 so we can start final assembly by Friday 5/1. 

ACT 3 - MARDI GRAS PARADE - full render

We’ve put inset the performance video so you can see how the camera move lines up with the beginning of the parade scene.  This has no falling confetti, that will be a separate layer we can time and manipulate on the ship.


Two types, FALLING (speed up from the last version) from above, and BURSTING from the side, which we can use separately or together at any point.


The light movement and flicker can be dialed back, but we left it strong here so you could see that the image has a bit of life.

thank you!

BAYOU Review-2 3/26/15

This review has five components for feedback:

  • Preservation Hall Options
  • First Pass at LOVE POTION animation 
  • Updated Bayou animation. BAD MOON, ONE OF THESE NIGHTS, WICHY WOMAN
  • Mardi Gras stills and motion test
  • Back to cemetery 

We would like to collect all nots by April, 1 to continue on track for our third review April 24th. Thanks!

Act 1 - Preservation Hall Options - ROUGH SKETCHES

These are still just rough sketches, but we wanted to present two options for you to chose between. One is obviously following what was established in the physical set of the original show.  We we will develop whichever you prefer into the final.

Image 1

Image 1

Image 2

Image 2

Act 1 - Love Potion - ANIMATION

These fireflies start to form slowly in the scene in front of the brothel, before the background disappears and the fireflies begin their animated sequence.  Right now this is just on a black screen, but we are designing a dreamy night sky for them to be in.  At the end, some fireflies will remain on screen, behind which the Bayou will appear, so that fireflies bridge the gap between acts smoothly.

Act 2 - The Bayou - ANIMATION

This render shows BAD MOON RISING (when the boat is in motion), then ONE OF THESE NIGHTS when the boat comes to a stop at about 1:30.  At 5:14 the camera pans to the left, during which the witch’s hut will rise from below, starting WITCHY WOMAN.

Act 3 - Mardis Gras - STILLS, MOTION TEST

These stills show the square location for JAMBALAYA ON THE BAYOU and TREME SONG, plus the street for the IKO IKO parade.  The render shows a motion test for the parade route, along with falling confetti that we can start at some point during the parade for extra fun.

Act 4 - Back to the cemetery - ANIMATION

TO MISS NEW ORLEANS takes place at the cemetery at night (we will add fireflies here as well) and then at 1:57 the sun rises and we start OH WHEN THE SAINTS.


thank you!

BAYOU Review 1- 2/19/2015

Hi guys, 

We are really excited to share this first review with you. We are very pleased with how BAYOU is progressing!

This is the first of 3 reviews for Island Princess' BAYOU. The review will be in 5 parts. Please feel free to comment in the comment section below or via email or conference call. All comments are due by end of day 2/25/14. 

1) Act 1a - Cemetery to New Orleans Street, sunset

This shows the Cemetery backdrop for the funeral procession and the camera move into the second scene. The aspect ratio on this render is extra wide, but we will make adjustments based on how much of the screen is covered by stage elements.

2) Preservation Hall Backdrop — ROUGH SKETCH

This is a first rough of a possible preservation hall backdrop, based on the current look of preservation hall but with some additions.  If it is not important to resemble the actual preservation hall, then we would make some changes here — for instance, different style window and some more art on the walls.

3) Act 1b - New Orleans to Brothel, night

When the band descends, we exit the preservation hall interior. Night has fallen and this render shows an excerpt of the final part of the medley and then the turn to “House of the rising sun."  The idea here as the we position the lower story of the house to line up well with the on-stage railings.  

For “Ain’t No Other Man” the lights in the house would flash and chase and become more of a abstract backdrop.  For "Your No Good” we come back to realism and the house “shuts down” for the night with all the interior lights going off and seeming empty on the street.

4) Act 2 - Bayou

This shows “Bad Moon Rising” up until the camera comes to a stop for one of these nights.  When the camera stops is when the physical hanging moss on stage would drop for the first time.  Eventually there will be fireflies throughout.

NOTE: This render has a little problem — the back layer of painted tress gets bigger over the course of the shot, so it almost looks like mountains at the end — that won’t be there in future versions.

Also, We’re planning to make the moon reflection more present in the water and make the water a little more lit and present throughout, so it will backlight the actor and stage more through on-stage fog.

5) Act 3 - Mardis Gras - 3D ROUGH RENDER

This is a 3D blocking render only to show the overall movement, composition and timing.  "Jambalaya on the Bayou” and "Treme Song” would occur in the square, decorated with streamers.  Then the camera rotates as the first mardi gras costume dancers come on stage and all of “Iko Iko” takes place during the movement down the street.

thank you!